Chat and Convert More
Calls into Deals

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Protect your Privacy &
Stay Anonymous

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Focus Solely On
Your Business

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Manage Everything From
Your Phone!

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Today’s market is so extremely competitive, just to answer calls from customers simply isn’t enough anymore. In your prospect’s phone, you would just be an unknown number. You don’t want that, you simply want to close the deal.

Chat and Convert More Calls into Deals

Chat with callers through your secure Voco phone number in real-time, get to understand their immediate needs and convert a prospect into a happy customer.

Protect your Privacy & Stay Anonymous

We at Voco understand that you want to provide your customer with the best possible service, safely.
Voco provides you with an extra phone number for you to share and publish in a safe way,
protecting your identity and preventing spammers reaching you.

Focus Solely On Your Business

Road Warrior? Manage your Business From Your Phone!

Improved Customer Analytics

From now on, calls are not anonymous anymore. Voco searches the caller’s phone number on the internet and delivers to your phone their photo or name if available.
iPhone Side 1
iPhone Side 1

Record All Calls

Are you annoyed by arguments with your customers about promises or expectations?

Voco provides you with automatic call recording for iPhone and Android. No need to worry about secondary recording apps and their compatibility. Make the conversation available, whenever needed.

Amazing Call Quality

Voco can be used like a regular GSM call, increasing your availability when there is no or bad access to Internet or Wi-Fi coverage. We at Voco believe that in order to close a deal, you need reliable and clear communication to maximize the outcome of your sales efforts.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will anything change the way my customers contact me?

No! They will simply call the number you provided and answer either by phone or chat.

Are you using VOIP or internet for the calls?

No, we aren’t! To close a deal you must rely on a high-quality connection. Therefore Voco uses your mobile plan minutes and connects your calls through your regular service provider. This means standard calling and messaging fees may apply.

Can I be reached even when I’m out of coverage?

Yes! If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you always have the option to chat with your customers, in the meantime, we’ll make sure to update you via text message about any phone calls you might have missed call.

Will Voco work while I’m abroad?

Yes! When you install a local SIM card while abroad, simply update the app so you will still be able to receive calls on your original number.

Can you guarantee closing more deals?

Of course not. You have to do the job. But when you combine chat and voice calls, your chance of closing a deal can increase up to 10X.

How does Voco work?

Whenever someone calls you, your mobile phone will automatically call our server to create a virtual conference call with your customer. The conversation sounds like a normal mobile call.

Does Voco safeguard my anonymity?

Yes! You now can receive an extra phone number on the go for every intent you wish to publish. This will allow you to answer every call accordingly.

Will my customers have to install an app to communicate with me?

No! They just have to call your published phone number or initiate a chat with you at any time.

How can you offer VOCO for free ?

We created a state-of-the-art technology, the quality is the same as in a regular mobile phone call, it’s not internet based and for the lowest possible price.

Can I publish my chat site with Google Adwords?

Yes! Our micro chat site is fully compatible with Google AdWords.

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We are here to answer any questions you may have about Voco. Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can. For a free number, call: +16466817132

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